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  • Catalonia is destined to be the Republic of Catalonia as a sovereign and independent State. This is the mandate of October 1st, and by it we are inspired.
  • We want Acció to become the best tool ever to achieve this goal, and to build and reinforce the State needed for Catalonia to survive as a nation and have the ability to progress.
  • The path to independence is a shared struggle that demands broad consensus and agreements. Our political action takes part in this philosophy and therefore we are working to build a wide republican front.
  • We are working to get a Republic of rights and liberties, innovation and efficiency, prosperity and well-being, sustainability and circular economy, social justice and integration, feminism and LGBT rights, of equality, culture and creativity, municipalism and collaborative management. A Republic with a global outlook and in solidarity with the challenges of mankind.
  • We are a feminist party committed to working with women and for women in Catalonia. The struggle to achieve effective equality is as much irrevocable as the struggle for independence and the Republic.
  • Catalonia is a multilingual nation, but we are working to ensure that Catalan, a language that we share with Valencians, Balearics, Andorrans and North Catalans, becomes the national language of all citizens, no matter where they come from.
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